Original Nounish Content Creation 

 Metrics / Achievements  
Angieluxd is the only person who has created original content related to CC0 NFTs in Instagram / Facebook as animated stickers so far. 
Her views for the CC0 community are over +1.6 MILLION monthly, with an all time high of over 84 MILLION views.​​​​​​​
 Community Highlights  
Lil Nouns DAO Weekly  Lil Nouns Weekly Newsletter #6 [Lil Noun Spanish website]
Noun Cats  Shout out Tweet [3D Invisible Noun Cats]
Prop House Promo Tweet [Lil Noun Spanish website]
NounsDAO Brazil Shout out Tweet [Lil Noun Spanish website]
The Noun Square @ Noun O'clock Promo Tweet [Special Guest]
UMA - @matascup Shout out Tweet [UMA Instagram stickers]
UMA - @matascup Shout out Tweet [UMA GIFs]
UMA - @matascup Shout out Tweet [UMA Stickers Metrics]

Angieluxd, v03 Updated Sept. 01  2022 
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